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On Blooket, trivia and quiz games are taken to a whole new level.

A teacher or moderator selects a question set and unique game mode, and a code is generated that players can use to join the game on their device.

Once the game starts, players win by answering questions, and they offer a variety of games to keep them engaged and excited.

The Blooket community is home to modern educators and students committed to innovating and revolutionizing education.

They provide fresh content for the website and make community events great for schools around the world.

This article contains a list of free Blooket accounts (blooket.com) with email addresses, passwords, and Plus subscriptions.

Is Blooket free?

Blooket is free, but it has a paid version called Blooket Plus.

The Starter pack is completely free and offers unlimited setup and editing, unique game modes and problem set searches for up to 60 players.

If you upgrade to the $2.99 ​​per month ($35.88 per year) Plus plan, you’ll get all of the Starter features.

You’ll also get enhanced game reporting, early access to events, question set folders, student reward tokens, and the ability to duplicate and repeat sets, with the option to invite up to 300 players.

Or, you can opt for the $4.99 per month Plus Flex package, which includes all Plus features but lets you pay monthly and cancel anytime.

How to Get Free Blooket Plus

To get a free Blooket Plus subscription, you can join survey programs like Survey Junkie or YouGov.

These programs offer surveys for you to complete to earn rewards like PayPal cash.

1. Investigation Junk

With Survey Junkie, you can exchange the cash rewards you earn for a Blooket Plus subscription.

Trustpilot has recorded over 40,000 reviews of the platform with an average rating of 4.3 stars.

Sign up for free on Survey Junkie, fill out your profile, and confirm your email address to start earning rewards.

Complete various surveys and share your opinion to earn instant rewards.

2. Public opinion

Join YouGov today, take fun surveys and redeem exciting prizes.

YouGov offers a range of surveys covering different topics, and you can earn points for each survey you complete.

Redeem your points for cash rewards like prepaid cards or PayPal and use them to subscribe to Blooket Plus.

You can also earn rewards like mobile credits and restaurant gift cards on YouGov.

Your responses on YouGov are shared with companies and online publishers around the world.

3. swagger

Swagbucks is the highest-rated rewards program, offering a range of gift cards, including PayPal cash.

You can use PayPal Cash Rewards to purchase Blooket Plus subscriptions.

Every time you complete a survey on Swagbucks, you’ll earn points called SB, which can be redeemed for cash (100 SB = $1).

Members have earned over $820 million in rewards since Swagbucks launched.

With an average rating of 4.3 stars on Trustpilot from over 31,000 reviews, Swagbucks is a trustworthy platform.

Follow three easy steps to start making money on Swagbucks: create an account to get a $10 bonus, verify your email and complete surveys.

How to create a Blooket account

To create a Blooket account, go to the registration page.

Once there, choose a username, enter your email address, choose a password, and confirm the password.

Make sure you’re at least 13 years old, then select the “Sign Up” button.

Finally, state whether you are a student or teacher and complete the welcome tour (optional).

Free Blooket account

Free Blooket account

Free Blooket Plus Account

Username Password [email protected] W_l4UsPa9 [email protected] 9R+=Ted [email protected] cr*t40oyO [email protected] je0aP7*es [email protected] s8oTOh&ch [email protected] s8oTOh&ch [email protected] @wireps.com *3Wp#VbH [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] %8Tz^KsD [email protected] !1Nj&PxC [email protected] +9Qw$GtE [email protected] @4Hc# LzK [email protected] ^6Mv*YsA [email protected] %2Kj!XpN [email protected] &[email protected] [email protected] 7Wt$ZbM [email protected] _3Gh^KxE $ bewireps.com !VtD [email protected] *8Nz#QsC [email protected] +6Lj$PxK [email protected] ^4Mv%YtE [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] &9Rf!XgN [email protected] _7Sb$TkH [email protected] $5Fh#ZbM [email protected] [email protected]_da

The table above contains a limited number of Blooket Plus accounts, and you must log in before anyone else.

Most of these accounts are created with temporary email addresses and cannot be accessed if they are deleted after use.

If you can’t log in to your account, it’s possible that your password has been changed by someone else.

Alternatively, the account may have been deleted or banned, or you may have entered the wrong password.

To avoid any mistakes, it is recommended to copy and paste the password instead of typing it.

If the account does not have a Premium or Professional subscription, it may have expired or not be renewed.

In this case, you can try logging into another account.

More Blooket accounts will be added to the table in the future, so be sure to bookmark the page and revisit it later.

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