11.2 The market has repeatedly tested the support and has not broken the short-term retracement?

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Hot spot on November 2;

1. Bloomberg: Grayscale’s parent company DCG has laid off 10% of its staff in restructuring, reaching 66 employees

2. Musk: If the Twitter Blue account is also suspected of spam problems, the service will be stopped

3. Bitcoin held by MicroStrategy depreciated to $727,000 in the third quarter

4. Crypto VC CoinFund seeks to raise $250 million for its seed fund

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First of all, let me tell you why there are quilts in the market every day, but only a few people can solve them by themselves? Because your mentality is different when the list is quilted. Panic, fear, fluke mentality, and unstable mentality will lead to deformation of your operations, resulting in you not being able to judge the market well. How can you solve the list in this case? ? Mentality is the most important thing. If there is a problem with your mentality, what if the list is solved? For investment friends who are often quilted, remember the following 5 taboos: 1. No stop loss; 2. Heavy position operation; 3. Operate against the trend; 4. Frequent orders; 5. Bad mentality. There is no one-size-fits-all method, it all follows the market.

Secondly, there are two most important points in investing: one is to know how to analyze the trend of market conditions; the other is to know how to control risks. As an investor, you must have a good mentality and correct investment concept; a positive person is in every crisis. Everyone sees an opportunity, while negative people see some kind of worry in every opportunity; in the face of volatile market conditions, we must seize every opportunity, and grasping the opportunity is equal to grasping tomorrow!

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The pie showed a volatile trend yesterday, the highest hit around 20680, under pressure and fell, and the low fell to around 20330. Congratulations to friends who followed yesterday’s ideas and made a profit of nearly 400 points. At present, the market is volatile and the price is oscillating around 20510, at a four-hour level. Looking at the short-term bottom step and gradually rising, the k-line goes out of three consecutive yang, ma7 turns its head up, macd shorts gradually shrinks the longs and strengthens the double-line is still dead but does not extend downwards, there is a demand for rebound in the short-term market, the daily line of view The k-line is continuously closed with a small cross and Yin line, indicating that the long and short sides are in a game state, and the support and pressure are relatively obvious. The white market is expected to move sideways. The news of the point will follow the trend again, the top will suppress 20700-21000, and the bottom will support 20300-20000



The trend of Ethereum yesterday was the same as that of the big cake. The white market fluctuated and rose to the highest level of 1614 and fell under pressure, and the low fell to the 1564 line. Congratulations to friends who followed yesterday’s ideas and made a profit of 40 points. At present, the currency price fluctuated around 1590. At the hourly level, the market has repeatedly tested the 1550 support and has not broken, and the low point of stepping back is gradually rising. The MA moving average turns upward, and the shorts gradually shrink and weaken. The trend of Ethereum is linked with the big cake, and it is currently in a narrow range in the triangle range. , The support pressure is very strong from top to bottom. Before breaking the position, it is recommended to treat it with high altitude and low level. At present, the rebound of the market is not strong. The daily macd bulls are gradually shrinking, the kdj three lines are glued, and the idea of ​​​​the Ethereum is the same as that of the big cake. Pay attention to the interest rate hike in the early morning, suppress 1610-1640 above, and support 1550-1520 below

Disclaimer: The above contents are all personal opinions and are for reference only! It does not constitute specific operational advice and does not assume legal responsibility.The market is changing rapidly, and the article has a certain lag. If there is anything you don’t understand, please consult

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