10 industries that are being disrupted by DAOs and related cases

Revolutions are often catalyzed by innovations that suddenly increase mobility/reduce friction in areas such as law, machinery or communications. For DAOs (usually referred to in Web3), their innovation lies in the mobility of resources, such as capital, attention and data, especially the flow of talent.

As consumers, we “vote” for our daily necessities like shampoo every few weeks, our profession every once in a while, and our elected officials every few years (if we’re lucky), But DAOs bring unprecedented liquidity to all of these areas. So, will DAOs be the next industrial revolution? Therefore, the DAOrayaki community has sorted out the application areas that DAO is constantly expanding and extending.


The foundation of any revolution is infrastructure. The Romans were famous for their roads that connected their empires together, but “where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” Web3 does require other things, though, including financial infrastructure, identity solutions, and most importantly, builders.


“Where we’re going, we don’t need roads”


Uniswap is the Route 66 of cryptocurrency. Your first token swap on its platform is a ritual, and its efficient V3 engine is critical infrastructure for MakerDAO, Plasma, Squeeth, and countless DeFi projects.

Under the V3 engine, Uniswap is a DAO governed by three phases, requiring more and more $ UNI  tokens to participate.


Thanks to the wonders of composability, Yearn has become another DeFi giant, offering a “yield-as-a-service” service to any project that integrates it. You can think of it as your own robo-stock broker, keeping your money running 24/7 with the best yield strategy.

Yearn is also one of the most innovative and popular DAOs, with its doors open to anyone willing to contribute and with just an easy onboarding process. The core team behind Yearn has also developed and open-sourced an on-chain cumulative voting system called Coordinape, which distributes payments within the DAO based on the ranking of all contributors to their peers.


Like Yearn, Aave is oiling the gears of the web3 economy by effectively allocating capital, this time through the fundamental function of lending.

As a DAO, their governance process follows three phases.

Create an Aave Request for Comments Form (ARC) at governance.aave.com

Assessing Community Sentiment on Snapshot

Submit Aave Improvement Proposals (AIPs) with associated payloads for governance voting


Index Coop joins the Dow in the DAO, building an index to track trends and verticals in DeFi. At the time of publication, their community onboarding process was being restructured.


Identity is another complex aspect of web3 infrastructure. Sismo uses Zero Knowledge (ZK) badges ($ERC1155 tokens) to prove ownership of on-chain assets without revealing addresses. This allows users to aggregate proofs of multiple accounts into one elusive address, effectively creating a new kind of opaque “passport” for accessing DAOs with NFT gating, or proofs of funds for investing/voting .

At the time of this writing, the Sismo DAO is limited to owners of the sismo.eth subdomain, but as it opens up, it promises to be one of the most important DAOs in the space, controlling a transformative Web3 prototype.

Dora Factory

DAOs as a service are the essence of infrastructure tools. Dora Factory is a Polkadot -based DAO-as-a-service infrastructure that provides a new generation of decentralized organizations and developers with pluggable governance functions such as quadratic voting, curve auctions, Bounty incentives, and cross-chain asset management.

Dora Token is the native token of Dora Factory, and the parent company of Dora Factory is DoraHacks, a world-renowned geek platform whose goal is to promote hacking technology, as well as provide developers with support and infrastructure, hoping to gather people from all over the world. Hackers work together to solve current hacking problems in more innovative and efficient ways.


No infrastructure is more important than building and maintaining web3’s developer network. DeveloperDAO was established as a supportive community to accelerate the impact of developers and keep them healthy, physically, mentally, socially and educationally. DeveloperDAO’s Discord group currently has over 15,000 members.

Prior to the launch of the $CODE token, membership was governed by the “Devs for Revolution” NFT collection, allowing full access to the community and voting. A recent forum poll and approval vote determined that both $CODE tokens and NFTs will give the community access to Discord after the token launch, but only token holders will be eligible to vote on proposals.



Getting bumpy or getting hit is the most common discipline in cryptocurrencies, in other words, it’s basically self-governing. However, DAOs introduce a more complex web of relationships into the cryptocurrency space, with legal interfaces between each other and the outside world still being standardized. Complementing legal infrastructure such as Aragonese courts, LexDAO is a guild that brings legal expertise and access to justice to this new network.

sustainable development


The premise of MetaGame is that the world must move from a “finite game” with the goal of winning to an “infinite game” with the goal of playing forever. This concept obviously applies to climate change and other issues facing the world, so in order to speed up the transition of the economy to sustainable development, MetaGame is building a gamified onboarding machine for DAO contributors, as well as a “go-to” that supports people building DAOs Centralized Factory”.

“MetaGame’s long-term goal is to build an alternative society; a global society that revolves around problem solving, not a world that squeezes each other for profit”.


KlimaDAO is changing the climate game. It takes as many carbon credits as possible from the market in exchange for staking rewards through its KLIMA tokens. This enforced scarcity effectively drives up the price of carbon resources and prompts economies to move more quickly to low-carbon solutions.

In terms of governance, KlimaDAO has adopted the common standard of indicative votes on its forum followed by official votes on Snapshot.



The Bankless podcast, which premiered in 2020, has grown into an indispensable DeFi resource dedicated to helping the world “debank”. It has expanded into an equally indispensable educational resource, managed by one of the most popular DAOs in the space.

To participate in The DAO, you must hold 35,000 $BANK tokens, or get a visitor pass that gives you full access to Discord for two weeks.


Infinite gaming requires collaboration, not competition. PrimeDAO is a collective that has this in mind and is currently working on the DAO’s fundraising, token issuance, community thriving initiatives and assisting in the creation of a collaboration hub between DAOs and DAOs. Governance is controlled by $D2 D tokens and takes place on the Boardroom.


With support from the Civics Unplugged Foundation, DreamDAO is building a web3 social impact ecosystem focused on training, funding and mentoring the next generation in the areas of climate, web3 and democracy – a future of solarpunk #solarpunk.


The future of sunpunk

The DAO is responsible for approving new members, grant programs, governance changes, and strategic decisions. Membership consists of its iconic SkywalkerZ NFT collection, which is used in conjunction with successful applicants.


SurgeWomen was established to address the huge gender imbalance in web3, empowering women to participate in all levels of society through education and empowerment. The DAO is freely accessible on Discord, but full members will eventually hold the Surge Passport NFT, which is intended to serve as a golden ticket to Web3.




Activism is not an “industry” in the traditional sense, but as web3 enables global capital flows, web3 “lobbying” is turning into a multi-billion dollar activity with significant impact. We expect that this will soon be equated with an industry, with DAOs becoming a major player.


Following the success of ConstitutionDAO, AssangeDAO raised $16,593  ETH (~$53 million) to win an NFT auction to help Julian-Assange’s extradition defense fund. 1/1 NFT was produced by Crypto artist Pak in collaboration with Julian-Assange and his supporters.


Since its inception, NounsDAO has amassed over 20,000 ETH (~$60 million) by auctioning off a nominal NFT every day. In web3, NounsDAO is an example of a “self-reliant state” that exists first as a community and then defines and enforces a purpose.

Anyone with a noun can make a proposal to the Treasury, and voting is on a noun-by-vote basis. The only restriction on proposals is the veto power held by the founders, which can be used if a clearly detrimental governance proposal is passed, but it is used as a last resort and will eventually be removed.

Real Life (IRL)

Another “non-industry” that is becoming a reality is the process of tokenizing real-world assets and bringing their value into the chain. Currently, capital flows are small, but as the legislative process develops, trillions of dollars worth of real-world assets are waiting to flow through the pipeline.


In 2021, the US state of Wyoming passed a law recognizing the DAO governance of LLCs. CityDAO pioneered this new governance model by tokenizing its first piece of land, “Parcel 0” in Powell, Wyoming. While the legal title and interest belong to the LLC, the governance of the land and the use of the community are controlled by the NFT collection.



CabinDAO is a DAO that reimagines the concept of cities, deconstructing cities into “nodes” around the world, uniting them through shared cultural, economic and governance structures. Their first urban node is 28 acres of unclaimed land near Austin, Texas, with two cabins for community use. Participation is through five bootstrap guilds (Product, Media, Placemaker’s, Community and Meta), and governance is mediated through $₡ABIN tokens.


LinksDAO is an aspiring web3 country club that will use the proceeds from the sale of its NFTs to buy one of the greatest golf courses in the world. The stadium will be owned by the DAO, and membership benefits will be granted through NFTs.


Calaxy is a social marketplace that evolved from Spencer Dinwiddie’s attempt to tokenize his earnings as a Brooklyn Nets point guard. KrauseHouse is taking the next step by purchasing and tokenizing the entire NBA basketball team, governed by $KRAUSE token holders.

venture capital


SuperLayer is a full-service incubator for web3 that can support projects from inception to Series A financing. SuperLayer itself was born out of the RLY network, so the SuperLayer community is governed by the $sRLY token. Investment decisions are made by the core team, but community members get priority access to new projects, airdrops, VIP events, and $50 worth of RLY registration rights.

New Order

Along the decentralization spectrum, we find New Order, an autonomous incubator focused on DeFi innovation. It has a particular focus on very early stage ideas, with expertise in bringing them to market through token offerings. Like SuperLayer, $NEWO holders are currently only responsible for general governance, not investment decisions.


Venture projects that are premised on the community rather than the product will find it difficult to raise funds through traditional means. SeedClub describes itself as a “social token think tank” that was formed to fill this funding gap and convert social capital into Crypto assets. The condition to join the DAO is to hold 10 $CLUB tokens after onboarding through Discord.



AfroFutureDAO is the custodian of a token vault of rare photographs, videos and cultural assets from African history. $AFTR tokens are used to fund emerging artists, generating 30 ETH in value so far.



Spawned from the Wanderers community! WenDAO is an art collective that evolved from a web3 comic that interacts with its investments. The saga currently spans two albums. Wanderers” and “Planets”, followed by a third album, “The Wanderers,” in which each character has its own storyline, animation, theme song, and unique “rules.”


ZooDAO enables NFT holders to earn income by staking their NFTs in “battles”. Within seven days, voters stake $DAI tokens on their favorite queue and receive a yield from yearn.finance in return. The queue is then randomly paired into battle, enhanced by further staking $ZOO tokens.



Psilocybin is the active ingredient in a class of informal fungi commonly known as “magic mushrooms”. As a psychedelic drug, its benefits are well known in some, especially South American cultures, but due to its status as an illegal drug, despite its very low harm, it has not been explored by Western medicine.


Unfortunately, psilocybin is one of many natural compounds that various pharmaceutical companies try to patent or monopolize by other means. In response to this, PsyDAO spun off from VitaDAO with a mission to “make Psychedelics non-monopoly” by funding early-stage research and tokenizing the resulting intellectual property (through trust).


Access to labs and research equipment is a huge barrier for individual scientists and small teams, and a major reason for the “valley of death” that exists between seed funding and getting an idea to market. To remove this bottleneck, LabDAO is building a network of facilities that can be owned and operated to conduct experiments in the community and conduct research on generally decentralized science.


GenomesDAO, the brainchild of DeveloperDAO member @kaxline, is web3’s answer to 23 andMe, a publicly traded personal genomics and biotechnology company, giving users complete self-custody and control over their genomic data. Although this is still early days in the world of decentralized science (dSci), GenomesDAO has issued two separate tokens, $GNOME for DAO membership and $GENE token for the GenomesDAO ecosystem Access permission to the DNA library within the system.


Ocean Protocol is a marketplace for issuing, curating and buying access to various data via ERC20 tokens on Ethereum. The token allows alternative access to data sources and uses a whitelist of trusted addresses for more granular access to specific records in a single dataset.

OceanDAO focuses on community funding of the Ocean ecosystem for proposals curated and voted on by $OCEAN token holders.



MetaFactory is one of the most advanced DAOs in the entire web3 as it finds a market for their “Crypto physical goods” and crypto-inspired apparel products, and builds a thriving, productive community.

During production, Metafactory acts as an agent, covering all manufacturing, marketing, and administrative costs, and designers are rewarded with $ROBOT tokens based on gross sales (net of taxes) at a rate of $0.0125 to $1.

In addition to governance rights, token holders of $ROBOT have exclusive access to the Discord channel’s weekly community conference call with product discount information and financial records.



In addition to producing physical fashion, DigitalAX also produces Crypto clothing and time-space clothing. They are also building the web3 fashion infrastructure using their own portfolio of “tiered clothing ownership” standards. This open source approach combines individually designed ERC-1155 materials, textures, and patterns into a complete ERC-721 apparel NFT, using a variant of the ERC-998 contract as the main apparel construct, plus their global network of designers, this The organization is already a highly mature and agile fashion organization.

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