10/26/Tianxia Community: The market has experienced a “blowout” surge; is it a turnaround?

10/26/Tianxia Community: The market has experienced a “blowout” surge; is it a turnaround?

The live broadcast room shares the application methods of various mainstream technical indicators, as well as the analysis of the technical form of the day;

【ETH/day map】

ETH day chart technical trend; yesterday opened 1342/high 1533/low 1334/close 1459/up 8.67% and closed up $116.48/amplitude 14.86%/technical trend analysis: Yesterday, the market finally chose an effective upward breakthrough after 36 days of sideways consolidation The downtrend line since early August and the important horizontal support of 1400-1420; the probability of turning the trend into a medium-term bull is initially determined; the latter trend needs to focus on maintaining a bullish idea. Above 1420 is a bull, how to confirm whether the trend has turned or needs to be determined A few key points[Supplementary explanation in the 16 o’clock live broadcast room]The bears suggest to wait and see!

【ETH 4-hour chart】

ETH 4-hour technical trend; 4-hour price trend yesterday evening effectively broke through after 36 days of box shock and finally broke through the highest impact of the box at 1530; It is better to keep the bullish idea; the bears suggest to wait and see!

【ETH 1 hour chart】

ETH 1-hour technical trend; intra-day operation suggestions are shown in the figure; the key point is to pay attention to the Fibonacci retracement ratio of 38.2%-50%[1455-1430]When the callback stabilizes and a stop signal appears, you can try to intervene with more orders; the defense is within 50% Down; target 1530; the above are all short-term ideas within the day; more details will be added in the live broadcast room from 16:00 to 18:00!

Key recommended ideas in the day[short-term is strong. callback is low]

Support 1455-1430 Resistance 1500-1530

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